Handle your lingerie with care….

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June 6, 2013 by rosaviola

Hi Ladies,handwash

At Vy’s Closet we take responsibility to ensure that we advise women on how important it is to hand wash their bras. Some clients agree with us but we know that the reality is…their bras are going in the washer. Truth be told washing by hand has many benefits, here’s why you should wash by hand:

1. You’re in the driver seat controlling the level of agitation and awareness of special features of your undergarments like foam cups or underwires.  Hand washing ensures they remain feeling and looking as new as the day you bought them.

2. Minimize snags by hook and eye closures when hand washing you get to choose which items mix together therefore avoid unnecessary damage.

Damage Bra with underwire poking out

Damaged Bra with underwire poking out

3. Ultra gentle “hand” cycle when washing by hand you may gently squeeze rather than forcing water out by wringing or the whipping action of the washer spin cycle. This is especially important so that underwires don’t come out of your bra or foam cups get too out of shape.

4. You will wear your bra longer. When you handle your bras with care they will serve you and keep superb form much longer.

The tips above will help you to care for your bras with a gentle touch. Always air

dry your bras never place in the dryer. Hang them up to dry or lay them flat.

We all own different bras seamed, foam cups and some have lace, embroidery or bows. If we care for our bras in a delicate manner it will avoid any damage done by machine washing. Also how many bras have you had that the underwire popped out? Well all that beating and smashing around in the washer and dryer weakens the bra. Underwires always pop out at the most inconvenient times! Don’t be a victim of this. Personally I had an experience of my own which was very public, I was in the middle of aerobics glass and the wire was poking out of my t-shirt so much I had to duck out of class and pull it out then run back in.

So take the time to hand wash and air dry your bras. You will get more wear and enjoy your chest investment longer!


Love those curves,



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