Lingerie is your BFF……

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May 21, 2013 by rosaviola

Fab Cayman and Vys Closet

Dear Lingerie Lovers,

Since I last blogged Vy’s Closet partnered with a fellow small business Fab Cayman. Fab Cayman Owner, Mrs. Glenda Dilbert-Davis is such a gem for allowing me an opportunity to speak with her Fab for Life clients about bra health.

The Fab for Life group had great energy and meeting these ladies made for happy memories. This female group ranged from adolescent to very mature, with the ultimate goal of being healthy and looking fabulous!  “Fab for Life” is a program which the mission is to “educate, empower and challenge females of all ages to become FAB for life by implementing life-long healthy and sustainable habits.” What a perfect marriage! Fab for Life and Vy’s Closet! Think about it, you can’t look fabulous without properly fitting foundation garments right?  So on the afternoon of May 11th we talked lingerie, fitting challenges and had a wonderful time sharing our experiences.

The first take away my friends is that your lingerie is your best friend….why? Because you wear undergarments all day! It is the closest and most loyal friend you have 🙂

I had the distinct honour to measure a few ladies that I would call mom and we had a blast because guess what? No matter the age our issues remain the same. We want a smaller waistline, perky boobs and most of all want to feel confident and that starts with proper underwear.

So when considering your next shopping trip for lingerie to Vy’s Closet (Located in Countryside Shopping Village); here are a few basic tips for well-fitted undergarments:

1. Get measured by a bra specialist for your next bra. If you haven’t been fitted in the last six months give us a call at Vy’s Closet wink! Seriously 326-3330

2. Wear the correct size underpants and use your dress or pants size as a guide. If your panty doesn’t fit right imagine trying to adjust all day…..oh boy! But most importantly if it doesn’t fit properly it won’t enhance the clothes you put on.

3. Matching bra and panty is a great confidence booster, every girl needs a matching set!

4. Shapewear is your friend – for a smooth look and to hug those curves in all the right places go the extra mile and get into it.

5. Embrace colour – there are some fun fashion colours out for spring and summer. Dare to wear colour!

A big thanks once again to Fab Cayman and Fab for Life. We are happy to host bra education seminars for any group of ladies that care to listen to our expert advice!

Love those Curves,



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