The Brassiere Journey through time……..

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October 21, 2012 by rosaviola

The Bodice

It’s amazing how the fashion industry has taken the basic foundation garments and transformed the styles, colours, prints, size range and appeal. The brassiere has traveled a long path of change and improvement

So here’s a throw back ….let’s have some fun this week!

New brassiere featured in 1906

Thanks to Mary Phelps Jacob the inventor of the modern brassiere women continue to wear this undergarment for support and concealment of their anatomy. Read about how it started with two handkerchiefs and ribbon…….

Mary’s Patent Bra Diagram

Illustration from Mary Jacob Phelps’ patent application 1,115,674.

Then there was the era of Maidenform; quite pointy right!

Maidenform Bra Advertisement

Transported forward to present day there’s the miracle bra, minimizer, plunge, sports bra, multi-way and the list goes on and on. I thought the photos would be kind of wild to just take a quick a blast into the past. I leave you with some inspiration below, what I like to call the “Bling Bling Bra” ooooh la la…..

Love those curves,


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