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October 8, 2012 by rosaviola

So you may be wondering what bra health is all about. This topic only seems to be thought of or discussed when you are in search for new undergarments. There are simple tips in helping you find the right bra fit. You may think about this when shopping for underwear or when chatting with girlfriends. You may only deal with the fact that you’re not happy with your bra selection when you get fed up with constantly adjusting your straps, secretly pulling up your breasts at your work computer or when you experience pain.

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For women in this situation, the first garment that’s taken off once arriving home from work is “their bra.”  Most ladies have a favourite bra and sometimes we wear it every day (not recommended by the way).        The best approach to have a selection of properly fitted bras and rotate wearing them. The solution to good bra health is all about the right fit. As women we all have unique needs.

Here is a list of expectations we have when it comes to our bras:

  1. Support and lift the breasts “The Art of Perky”
  2. Improve the shape of your breasts
  3. Look sexy and womanly
  4. Improve the fit and fall of your attire
  5. Cover up under sheer or clingy tops
  6. Maximize or minimize cup size
  7. Reduce sagging
  8. Create cleavage
  9. Restrict bouncing movement during gym workout sessions

One bra isn’t going to deliver on the list of expectations above. So here’s what you should look for in your different bra style choices.

Your bra should support from the band and have a close fit around you. When you’re fitted, the stylist will measure under your breasts for a close fit.

For the best support your true band size is what you should wear. If you fit in between inches go up to the next size; for example if you’re 35.5’’ your band size should be 36’’.

All your breasts should fit in the cup from the centre all the way around to your underarm. If there’s spillage on top or over the sides this isn’t a correct fit. The “”four boob look” for more cleavage just isn’t a good look. Celebrate your curves in a well fitted bra and this will enhance your overall look.

The gore (where the under wire sits between your breasts) should rest nicely on your skin not away from your body. If it doesn’t sit comfortably against your body then you need a bigger cup.

Adjusting your straps to a comfortable fit on your shoulders helps balance the support from the band. However don’t adjust so much that it pulls the back clasp up your back, doing this contributes to poor posture.

I hope these tips help you in your search for better fitting lingerie. Vy’s Closet is here to support the curves you love. I look forward to welcoming you in the Boudoir of Vy’s Closet for bra fitting. If you have questions please email us at , we would love to hear from you!

Love those curves,



2 thoughts on “Bra Health

  1. Jan Peters says:

    Dear Vy, I LOVE my new bra and want to wear it ever day so please let me know as soon as you get more of the same in my size in white and black so I am not tempted to wear this same wonderful beige bra everyday. Thanks again for your help last Saturday! Jan


    • rosaviola says:

      Hi Jan,

      I’m happy to hear you’re pleased with your purchase from last weekend. We are here to ensure every customer leaves satisfied. Don’t worry I will find more options for you! Take care for now.

      Love those curves,


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