We support the curves you love…..


September 27, 2012 by rosaviola

I’ve been a plus size woman for most of my life and over the last two and a half years I struggled with neck, back and shoulder pain. I was constantly in and out of physiotherapy. One day my physiotherapist was brave enough to say “Rosa, you should probably find a better fitting bra to help take the burden off your shoulders.”

So there started my journey to get fitted for the right size bra and I had a gut feeling that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this task in Cayman. In preparing for a trip to New York I decided to Google “plus size bras New York” and got a number of hits for fitting services. I chose the location closest to my hotel and off I went to my appointment. Following a one hour consultation I left with four bras for which I spent an average of $70.00 per bra. But it was the best money I’d spent in my life because I was finally

Vy's Closet Owner

Rosa Viola Harris – Owner of Vy’s Closet in the Cayman Islands.

lifted, I looked slimmer and best of all I wasn’t constantly adjusting my bra straps to lift up my breasts. I walked confidently out of the store into Manhattan a very happy woman.

In my many travels I’ve had the opportunity to scout stores in both the US and the UK and I found that the best stores are of course were in the United Kingdom. Lingerie boutiques in the UK know how to cater to full busted, queen size or hard to fit ladies. So I felt that if I could have this experience overseas why not bring this to women  living in the Cayman Islands. If I struggled to get fitted I know there had to be more of my situation being experienced by others out there.

Last December I made the decision to reduce my breasts and before my surgery my doctor looked at me and said “Rosa you need to buy a compression bra for your post surgical recovery because it helps with supporting you and to reduce swelling.” So unable to find a post surgical bra readily available on the island, I took to the internet once again, measured myself in front of the computer and guessed what I would possibly fit into post surgery. I bought three very expensive surgical bras online. How about only one of them fit me! I wore it for four months and washed it almost everyday (CUC made a killing on me drying that bra by itself every night for four months!)

Anyways after I finished my studies this past April I decided to write my business plan. Each step I took I confirmed there was a need for full busted and full figure women undergarments in Cayman. Stick a pin!  Confession time……I was online at register.com paying for my web hosting for vyscloset.com.  So I decided to do a web chat with a customer service agent to ensure I bought the right plan. The agent asked me “what type of business are you starting up? ” so I told her and she says to me “I wish I had a store like that in my town I have to drive an hour to the next town to purchase my bras……she then went on to share her bra size with me.” That’s when I said to myself I’m on the right track with this, it isn’t just a tough situation in Cayman it’s all over. I refuse to allow the women in Cayman to be defined by what the fashion industry dictates as the size a woman should be. It is because of this need why Vy’s Closet was born; to celebrate women of all wonderful shapes. I think every woman wants to feel confident, supported and good in their clothes and Vy’s Closet is here to help.

Feeling confident begins with the right foundation garments. Vy’s Closet is a spin off my middle name Viola and it is to celebrate women who love their bodies and want to look good and feel good. Everyone has insecurities about their body so Vy’s Closet is here to offer solutions for every unique curvy woman out there. Our tag line is purposeful to ensure each experience at Vy’s Closet delivers on the quality and variety desired which is why I decided that our tagline would be

We support the curves you love.”

In Vy’s Closet you’ll find American and European brands ranging from D to K cup. Elomi and Goddess are for the fuller figured woman and offer a very sophisticated touch to lingerie. Panache and Curvy Kate are popular full busted brands that go up to K cup but offer smaller band sizes from 28 – 40. I selected a naughty line called Seven til Midnight because there is a tigress in all of us just waiting to make an appearance at the right moment. Vy’s Closet offers Body Wrap shape wear to smooth out those lumps and bumps we don’t want anyone to know about. There are a range of colours and prints as well as your nudes and blacks. Additionally we have seamless, sports, strapless, full coverage, non wired, surgical and underwire bra styles. There’s definitely something for every full busted woman in Vy’s Closet.

It is my pleasure to offer this service to all women in the Cayman Islands……I invite you to visit us or email your questions to lookgorgeous@vyscloset.com. I look forward to welcoming you on or after October 5th, our first official day of operation. Vy’s Closet is located in Countryside Shopping Village, Savannah; operation hours are Monday-Friday 6pm – 9pm and 10am – 7pm on Saturdays.

Take care for now and I hope to give you some tips on bra health next time around!

Love those curves,



8 thoughts on “We support the curves you love…..

  1. Raquel says:

    Oh wow Rosa! Congratulations on this. Definitely needed in Cayman for we fluffier ladies! You mentioned a business but I had no idea! Girl… you’ll be seeing a lot of me.

  2. Nereen says:

    Rosa i hope you will cater for the smaller woman too who need a little “lift” in that area. Will check you out.

  3. Val says:

    Great idea n can’t wait to visit ur store.


  4. Domonique says:

    Congrats Rosa!!…though I’m on the smaller size i do find it difficult to find the perfect fit..so I’ll be by to visit after opening day.

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